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Darren Jones for MP, Bristol North West

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Do you want to help Darren become the next Member of Parliament for Bristol North West?

Do you want to make sure that policies like the freezing of energy bills, the increase in childcare support and the scrapping of the Bedroom Tax become law?

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Darren Direct

Are you a member of a community group or local organisation such as a church, parents group, residents group or local charity?

Do you want to meet Darren directly to find out about his campaign to become the next MP and the policies that he’ll support if elected?

If so, you can put in a request for a “Darren Direct” event at your next meeting by clicking HERE.


The campaign in Bristol North West is powered by volunteers and small individual donations.

All of our donations go towards the cost of campaigning in Bristol, paying for leaflets, letters and posters.

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