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"As a local campaigner born and raised in Lawrence Weston and Shirehampton I would be honoured to represent you and our city in Parliament as the first local MP for Bristol North West to have been born and raised here. It's a two horse race here between me and the Tories. I hope you'll vote Labour on Thursday 7th May." - Darren Jones

Protect our NHS


Darren is a former NHS worker and is supporting Labour’s plan for 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more doctors, guaranteed 48 ¬†hour GP surgery appointments and one week cancer test results.

Locally, he is working with GP surgeries and Southmead Hospital to understand the solutions needed to tackle GP appointment times, financial deficits and car parking.

Tory MP Charlotte Leslie has called for new patient charges in GP surgeries and A&E departments.

Darren is campaigning against privatisation of our NHS, against the call for patients charges and for the removal of the NHS from an EU/US trade deal that could see US companies run part of our NHS.

Join the Campaign


Do you want to help get Darren elected as the local Labour MP for Bristol North West?

There’s lots to do – including door knocking, leaflet deliveries, telephoning voters, office admin, putting up a poster in your window or a stake in your garden or just helping out on polling day or offering to donate to the campaign.

Training and support is offered to any new volunteers and campaign activities take place on a daily basis, including weekends. If you want to join the campaign visit the Contact page and say hi!

Bristol Jobs Plan


Darren is passionate about creating a strong local economy in Bristol that creates good quality, well paid, long terms jobs for local people; especially the young.

But Darren knows that finding a job isn’t enough. He wants to ensure that local people get the best quality education and training as well as the opportunity to live in a good quality, affordable home.

Add in to the mix the regeneration of our high streets and libraries, much needed transport improvements and campaigning to protect our environment and you have Darren’s Bristol Jobs Plan.